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It gets really horrific sometimes when you are to much obsessed for any reason.
It can be on anything for any kind of reason. It can be whether on something or someone. And when it rises up beyond your expectation, things really start to get weird. Just like so, as writing this composition or article or blog or anything you want to name it, I got a really frustrating obsession on a person. And believe me it’s really weird. At first above all everything was really exciting and I was feeling way too good. But then day by day it turned into a great obsession. People should control themselves, they should learn to control such obsessions. Because not everyone can control it and for that reason some get involved in such incidents or crimes. Obsession can help you to create a beautiful, magical, fantasy world of yours, and sometimes would also help to make your greatest fantasies or desires come true in that world But believe me, it is only possible in that imaginary world not in reality. If you tried to bring it to the real world then I’m afraid, it’ll be very much worse than you ever imagined of. Getting obsessed for something or someone is really a weird feeling. Not for all.
But still always be aware for such quest like this.

By Muskan Arif

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